Rep. Butler: Pritzker Budget Shows Lack of Credibility

State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) responds to Governor Pritzker’s combined 2022 State of the State and Budget Address:

“To listen to the Governor tell it, it certainly sounds like all our state’s problems are solved,” said Butler. “That’s quite a turnaround from when he tried to bully through a massive income tax hike, then called bipartisan job creation reforms he actually signed into law ‘corporate loopholes,’ and then signed legislation directly linked to an increase violent crime. When he says now that he wants to offer ‘relief’ to taxpayers and ‘support’ law enforcement, he must think no one was paying attention before. His credibility is gone.

“The truth is, he used $4.6 billion in federal money last year to fill gaps for bad policy and wants to use billions more again this year. That doesn’t amount to good leadership or good policy. The people of this state are smart enough to see he is using one-time election-year gimmicks to cover up the fact he has gone back on his word and done nothing to change the structural problems facing our state’s finances.”