Butler’s Bulletin: New Session, New Legislation & More

The 2020 session began on January 28, and considering the growing corruption probe that came to light last fall, it’s no surprise things have gotten underway with a bang at the Capitol. And if that wasn’t enough, in mid-January we learned of some very concerning problems with the implementation of the Automatic Voter Registration program. 

Governor Pritzker delivered his State of the State address on January 29 and laid out some of his legislative goals for the session. House and Senate members have been working on the same over the past several weeks, preparing new and evaluating previously filed legislation to prioritize over the next several months. Dealing with corruption is at the top of just about everyone’s list. The irreparable damage being done to our state by inaction on this issue cannot be delayed any longer. 

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Hearing held concerning automatic voter registration.

When news broke in mid-January that the Illinois Secretary of State allowed non-citizens to register to vote due to a “programming error,” several of my colleagues and I called for an immediate hearing to address the issue. What has come to light in the past few weeks — from self-identified non-citizens registering, to 16-year-olds being forwarded through the system, to people who opted out of registering actually being forwarded to the board of elections — has damaged the integrity of voter registration here in Illinois and it needs to be corrected.  Read More Here.

Pritzker delivers State of the State address.

In an annual tradition, a joint session of the General Assembly listened to the State of the State address by Gov. Pritzker on Wednesday, January 29, where the Governor laid out his priorities for the 2020 spring session.  Read More Here.

Gov. needs to stand by ethics reform commitment.

I was glad to hear the Governor acknowledge and show a willingness to take up some Republican ethics reform ideas during his State of the State address. The irreparable damage being done to our state by inaction on this issue cannot be delayed any longer. However, if he is serious about addressing unethical behavior and corruption, then he needs take a strong stance in support of fair maps to finally put an end to gerrymandering. Nearly 3 out of 4 Illinoisans support fair maps and the census is underway, which means redistricting is on the way. He has publicly said he won’t sign a gerrymandered legislative map and supports fair maps. Now is the time to prove it.  Read More Here.

Growing support to ban ‘Sweepstakes’ machines.

Last fall I introduced legislation (House Bill 3940) to ban so-called “sweepstakes” machines in Illinois. The legislation was filed in the wake of revelations regarding a former House Member’s questionable advocacy for the machines. A growing chorus of bipartisan legislators have joined the effort behind the legislation as the concerning realities of sweepstakes machines have continued to be exposed.  Read More Here.

Remembering Frank and Cinda Edwards.

On February 4, the Illinois House paused proceedings to honor the passing of Frank and Cinda Edwards, as well as John Evans. Frank and Cinda were stalwart servants to the community and will be sorely missed.  Watch the Video Here.

Advocacy groups sue State Police over FOID Card backlog.

The lawsuit by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) and the Second Amendment Foundation was filed on Monday, February 3. Many gun owners have noticed that the State Police is getting slower and slower at responding to Illinois applications to get and renew a Firearm Owners’ Identification (FOID) Card, a required document when purchasing a gun from a registered gun dealer. The FOID Card law has been in place for more than 30 years. It is a “gun control” law unique to Illinois; no other state recognizes the Illinois FOID Card for purposes of gun ownership, and most U.S. states do not require gun owners to maintain identification cards at all.  Read More Here.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you read, please feel free to contact my office at (217) 782-0053 or by email at butler@ilhousegop.org.