Butler: One-Off Tax Hike Vote is Not the Answer

Following a vote by the Illinois House to ram through a constitutional amendment referendum to remove the flat tax protection in the Illinois Constitution, State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) issued the following statement:

“Today, instead of pausing with the rest of the nation to honor those Americans who have paid the ultimate price in defense of our freedoms, Illinois House Democrats used this day as a distraction to advance a tax increase,” said Butler. “It will be 50 years ago this December that Illinois held a constitutional convention. The constitutional delegates did not get everything right, but one thing they did get right was instituting a protection to ensure all Illinoisans are treated equally through the flat tax guarantee on income.

“Since that constitutional convention in 1969, Illinois Democrats have controlled one or both chambers of the General Assembly in 44 of the past 50 years. During the last 16 years, they have controlled both chambers and we have seen countless Illinoisans driven out for economic opportunity in other states. This is despite our ideal location, transportation infrastructure and wealth of resources. If Illinois spent as much time attracting economic opportunity as it has creating barriers through overspending and bloated bureaucracy, we would be the economic powerhouse that we should be.

“If changing our constitution again is the key to fixing our problems, then let’s open it up to all the concerns Illinoisans have. Whether is term-limits, unfunded mandates or independent redistricting, not just a one-off tax hike vote. Let’s engage in a thorough constitutional discussion to address all of these issues so we can stop driving people out of Illinois.”