Butler: Progressive Income Tax Hike Will Drive More Out of Illinois

Today, State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield), who is the House Republican Conference Chairman, joined Republican colleagues at the Capitol for a press conference to announce the filing of House Resolution 153. The resolution, which is co-sponsored by the entire House Republican Conference, states opposition to any measure that would create a progressive income tax in Illinois.

“It’s clear from the projections coming out of the Pritzker administration that a progressive tax will lead to increased taxes on middle class families across the state to generate the revenues they claim are needed,” said Butler. “We have lost 700,000 residents in the past decade because of Illinois’ crushing tax burden and the signing of Senate Bill 1 into law last week means we are certain to lose more job creators and those they employ. To increase the cost to get by in Illinois even more is only going to make this problem worse. We simply cannot afford this unfair tax increase.”

Butler also noted Illinois’ flat income tax and the fact it does not tax retirement income are two of the only tax benefits that currently exist in the state. “I think a lot of people are legitimately concerned that if a progressive income tax is pushed through, who’s to say a tax on retirement income won’t be next? The Governor’s budget proposal included several new tax proposals, so he is obviously open to more new taxes. This is why it is so important we stop this unfair tax proposal.”

For more information about House Resolution 153, Click Here.