Butler Tapped as Spokesperson for House Committees Critical to Central Illinois

State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) has been tapped to serve as the Republican Spokesperson on two House Committees critical to central Illinois. The committees, recently announced for the 101st General Assembly, are the Appropriations-Capital Committee and the Museums, Arts and Cultural Enhancements Committee.

As Republican Spokesperson on these committees, Butler is responsible for leading witness questioning during testimony, advocating for Republican Caucus positions and negotiating with the Democratic Chairperson to reach bipartisan consensus as often as possible.

“I want to thank Leader Durkin for these appointments as spokesperson,” said Butler. “Serving as the spokesperson on these two committees means I am the lead advocate for legislation important to the Republican caucus. This also gives me the opportunity to ensure that issues critical to our central Illinois communities will be heard.

“Whether it’s the Lincoln sites and museum or the Route 66 attractions, our history is not only an important part of the fabric of our communities, it is a vital engine for our local economy. So too is the infrastructure that brings people to these locations and that allows our businesses to transport their goods to and from market. I will strive to make sure my position as Spokesperson helps to advance these critical issues as legislation is being evaluated.”

In addition to the appointments as Republican Spokesperson, Butler was also named a member of the following committees: Appropriations-Public Safety, Energy and Environment, Executive, and Public Utilities. In January, he was also named the House Republican Conference Chairman, a position on the leadership team of House Republican Leader Jim Durkin.