Butler’s First Bill of 2019 Targets Campaign Ethics Reform

State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) has filed legislation in the Illinois House that targets a fundraising loophole for those seeking state office. House Bill 363 would prohibit anyone seeking election to a state office or any political organization acting on their behalf from holding a fundraiser in Sangamon County on any day the General Assembly is in session.

“Under current state law,” Butler said, “it is commonly believed that fundraisers already cannot be held in Sangamon County on session days. The reality is that the current prohibition does not begin until February of each year, thereby allowing fundraisers on January session days. In fact, in January 2017 there were legislative candidates who held fundraisers on a session day in Sangamon County. Additionally, current state law allows fundraisers on sessions days outside spring or veto session days.

“Today’s fast paced political climate has caused what seems like an unending election season,” added Butler, “something the Legislature attempted to address when the current law was enacted as part of ethics reforms. This was a step in the right direction, but obviously it did not follow through on the true spirit of the law: to not fundraise in Sangamon County on days the legislature is in session. Through House Bill 363 we are closing this loophole.”

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