Rep. Butler Statement: “I voted against a permanent, significant increase of the income tax”

“Today I voted against a permanent, significant increase of the income tax in the State of Illinois. 

I am not opposed to supporting new avenues of revenue to help balance the state’s budget.  Today’s option, though, was voting for a permanent income tax increase bill coupled with a spending bill that was introduced just mere hours before consideration.   Even more dire than that, today’s votes represent a one-sided end to negotiations when we need a compromise settlement to this impasse. 

The majority in the House had all session to introduce a budget that works for the people of Illinois, and they left it until the new fiscal year had already begun, then dropped a budget and passed it within hours.  This continues the decades-long practice of how Speaker Madigan runs the Illinois House.

The legislation put before us today does nothing to pay down the state’s nearly $15 billion bill backlog.  It does nothing to address the outrageous amount of money owed to vendors throughout the 87th District. 

I want a truly balanced budget that is fair for the citizens of Illinois.  I want a state that is moving forward, competitive, and is creating jobs.  Today’s votes did not meet that standard, and that is why I voted no.”
                                                                -Representative Tim Butler, 87th District