Reps. Butler and Jimenez Sponsor Legislation to Secure State Employee Paychecks

State Representatives Tim Butler and Sara Wojcicki Jimenez  have introduced legislation to ensure state employees will continue to receive their paychecks through Fiscal Year 2017. House Bill 1787, filed Wednesday, provides a continuing appropriation to secure employees’ pay against Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s move to halt paychecks until the budget stalemate comes to an end.

“This ongoing budget crisis has already caused a great deal of stress and uncertainty for state employees and their families. It’s unconscionable that Attorney General Madigan is now attempting to hold their pay hostage as a negotiating tactic. We cannot allow that to happen,” said Representative Butler (R-Springfield).

House Bill 1787 provides a continuing appropriation for each state agency and constitutional officer, as well as state boards and commissions, to meet their personnel expenses for the remainder of the current fiscal year.

“Over the past several weeks we’re finally seeing some real progress made toward a potential budget compromise. Attorney General Madigan’s legal maneuvering is putting that progress at risk and potentially punishing workers who are caught in the middle. We must continue to pay employees for the work that they do, and this legislation is a way to accomplish that,” said Representative Jimenez (R-Leland Grove).

Representatives Jimenez and Butler said they will work with the legislation’s other sponsors for prompt consideration when the House reconvenes next week.