Statement on Passage of Stopgap Budget and Education Funding

State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) released the following statement after passage of a stop-gap State budget:

“Today the General Assembly finally took a step forward with a bipartisan negotiated compromise that will fund core services of state government.  This compromise is far from perfect, but it shows that both sides can work together to get things done for the citizens of this diverse state.

It is vitally important that we fund education, and this bill fully funds education for the first time in seven years.  It is vitally important that we fund our transportation projects, and this bill provides resources for infrastructure improvements.  It is vitally important that we fund our human services programs and this bill funds critical human services.  Many other vital state services need to be funded, and they are funded in this bill.

We still have much more work to do to get a complete resolution, but I will continue to work to find solutions to the problems we face in our state.”