Capitol Update

State Fairgrounds Foundation Bill a Win for Taxpayers
Governor Bruce Rauner joined Acting Director of Agriculture Raymond Poe and my colleagues to discuss his support for legislation I sponsored to establish the Illinois State Fairgrounds Foundation. The purpose of the foundation would be to promote, support, assist, and sustain Illinois’ two fairgrounds located in Springfield and DuQuoin. The foundation would have the ability to bring in private funding to enhance the facilities and programs of both fairgrounds.

The neighboring states of Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsinhave already created private-sector foundations to help raise money to continue to operate their state fairs, and the concept has worked successfully in these states.  The Governor described his support for my legislation in visits to the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield on Tuesday, March 22, and in DuQuoinon Wednesday, March 23.

Annual American Legion Youth Police Camp Accepting Applications
The youth police camp which will run from June 26 through graduation on July 1, 2016, immerses young men and women (ages 14-16) in the possibilities of law enforcement service. The week-long experience is held at the Illinois State Police Academy in Springfield.The Police Camp is operated in close affiliation with the State Police as well as with the American Legion. Many active State police officers volunteer to staff the program, and retired police officers have been a mainstay of the experience for decades. Youth applications for the popular camp experience are due no later than May 28, 2016.

State Goes Digital for Professional Licenses
The move away from paper-based applications for licenses and certifications continues, with more than 1 million Illinois licensees now able to view and print out a license at their convenience.  The license ‘papers’ can be accessed from mobile devices.  The news that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has moved to an all-electronic platform was announced in Government Technology magazine on Tuesday, March 22.
DFPR regulates more than 250 professions and crafts carried out by approximately 1.2 million residents of Illinois. The move is expected to save IDFPR and Illinois taxpayers/licensees nearly $3 million in postage, paper and printing costs over the next five years.

House Back in Session
The Illinois House will reconvene on Tuesday, April 4. Listen LIVE here.

In the News
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Explore the 87th District

Great start to the week on Monday meeting with the
junior/senior government class at Rochester High School.

On March 17 enjoyed saying hello to the students at
Teddy Bear Christian Child Development Center in Riverton. 

Added a new school hat for the office location.
A special thanks to Tremont School Superintendent Jeff Hinman. Go Turks!