House Approves Resolution to Designate Portion of Route 6 ‘Gold Star Families Memorial Highway’

Rep. Butler pictured with Patti Smith,
Founder and President of America’s Gold Star Families

The Illinois House of Representatives approved a resolution Wednesday sponsored by State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) to designate a section of Route 6 as it passes through the Peoria city limits as the “Gold Star Families Memorial Highway”.   The resolution was originally introduced by then State Senator Darin LaHood.

According to Representative Tim Butler, “Peoria is the town in which I was born and raised, so I am humbled to sponsor legislation honoring the families of fallen soldiers. Dedicating a portion of Route 6 will ensure we never forget those who have served our country and it’s only fitting that we honor these families.”

The Gold Star is awarded by the United States Department of Defense to the immediate family of a fallen service member. The Gold Star has appeared on flags dating as far back as World War I, which families would hang in their windows to indicate that a loved one had been killed overseas.

The resolution approved was initiated by Patti Smith, Founder and President of America’s Gold Star Families a 501c3 not for profit that supports all family members who have lost a loved one in service to our country. The organization supports all family members representing all conflicts regardless of circumstance of death. For more information visit

An excerpt from Senate Joint Resolution 19 reads as follows:

 “WHEREAS, The United States began observing Gold Star Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of September in 1936, the Gold Star Wives was formed prior to the end of World War II; the Gold Star Lapel Button was established in August of 1947; and

WHEREAS, The nation recognizes the sacrifice that Gold Star family members make when a loved one dies in service to the nation; and

WHEREAS, The strength of the United States Army is its soldiers and the strength of the soldiers are their families; the Army recognizes that no one has given more for the nation than the families of the fallen.”