‘Protect Yourself from Identity Theft’ Seminar Scheduled Oct. 8 in Tremont

Illinois State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) is co-hosting a free seminar on how to ‘Protect Yourself from ID Theft’ with the Illinois Attorney General’s office, the public event will be held on Thursday, October 8, 11:00 a.m. at Tremont Community Center, located at 216 South Sampson St. in Tremont.
Professionals from the Illinois Attorney General’s office will explain to attendees how to safeguard their credit card information, social security and other personal and financial information to prevent it from falling into the hands of criminals.
According to Rep. Butler, “ID theft is a serious concern in the electronic age we live in today. I encourage the public to attend as they will learn more about the latest techniques by scam artists and will be better equipped on how to avoid being a victim of ID theft.”
To register or ask a question about the upcoming event, contact Rep. Butler’s office at 217-782-0053.