Rep. Butler’s First Bill Signed Into Law to Promote Renewable Energy on State Property

Governor Bruce Rauner signed legislation today sponsored by State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield), this was Rep. Butler’s first bill signed into law since taking office in March.

The new law sponsored by State Rep. Tim Butler is intended to promote growth within the renewable energy sector and to provide an economic benefit to the State. The new law creates a task force to review the various issues that surround the construction of renewable energy facilities on State-owned property and is meant to address those issues.

According to Rep. Butler, “Growing Illinois’ economy while providing an economic benefit to the State is the goal of this new law. The State owns acres upon acres of land which could be utilized to benefit the State. I look forward to the recommendations to be reported by this new task force and I am optimistic the findings will be positive for the State of Illinois.”

P.A. 99-0155 creates the Utilization of Renewable Energy on State-Owned Properties Task Force. Provides that the Task Force shall consider the financial implications of installing and maintaining renewable energy facilities on State-owned property, the impact on property values and the community, and environmental factors relating to renewable energy. Provides that the Task Force shall compile their findings and recommendations in a report to be presented to the Governor and the members of the General Assembly on or before January 1, 2016. The Task Force will be dissolved upon submission of the report.