Rep. Butler rejects his legislative pay during budget impasse

SPRINGFIELD –Rep. Tim Butler sent a letter to the Comptroller Leslie Munger on July 16, requesting the Comptroller hold Rep. Butler’s paycheck beginning July 31st until further notice.
Due to the current budget impasse and pending court action, it is possible that State employees may not get paid on time at the end of the month. If that is the case, then Butler believes it would not be right for him to be paid either.

The Illinois General Assembly has assured itself they will get paid, even if state employees don’t get paid during a budget impasse. State law was changed on the last day of session in 2014, and signed by then-Governor Quinn, to ensure legislators get paid.

“I think that is just plain wrong. This never should have been allowed to happen. Legislators certainly should not put themselves above state employees,” said Rep. Butler on Thursday.

“Today, I personally delivered this letter to the office of Comptroller Munger to ensure that I won’t get paid if state employees are not paid,” continued Rep. Butler from the Capitol.

You can read the full text of the letter below: