Rep. Butler Co-Sponsors Legislation to Pay All State & University Employees During Budget Impasse

With no state budget enacted and a recent court order from Cook County preventing the State from paying government employees, State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) co-sponsored legislation to ensure all state and university employees continue to receive their paycheck.

On Tuesday, July 7, Judge Diane Larsen of the Circuit Court of Cook County issued a temporary court order preventing Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger from paying state and university employees, with the exception of paying minimum wage to employees that qualify under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”).

“The legislation I co-sponsored will ensure all state government employees receive a paycheck for their work,” said Rep. Butler. “The individuals working in state government, our public universities and community college system should not be held hostage during this budget impasse. It is hypocritical to expect the hardworking government employees to show up to work and at the end of the pay period to withhold their paycheck.”

House Bill 4245 co-sponsored by Rep. Butler would ensure all state, university and community college employees continue to receive their paycheck while lawmakers negotiate a new state budget.