Statement on Governor Rauner’s Veto of State Budget

State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) released the statement below following today’s veto of the 19 budget bills by Governor Bruce Rauner:

“It is unfortunate the Democrat leadership forwarded Governor Rauner a budget that is nearly $4 billion out of balance.  The Legislature is required by the Illinois Constitution to enact a budget that is balanced.  Instead, the majority party in the House and Senate chose to pass-the-buck by passing an out-of-whack budget.

I share Governor Rauner’s vision that “we must be partners in enacting a balanced budget that meets critical needs within the resources available”.  I hope that today’s action sends a clear message that negotiation and compromise are needed on all sides to ensure Illinois moves forward with a realistic and balanced budget.  The time for political games is long past. Instead of the extraneous votes and sessions that have nothing to do with balancing our budget, the Legislature needs to concentrate on working with the Governor and solving this problem.”